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At eduMates, with a simple 3 step tutorial, you can have access to the official representatives of your dream universities! Click the link below to experience the revolutionised way of decision making. Make #yourOnechoice today!

Personal Relationship

There’s nothing more comforting to know that your university cares about you and is doing its best to ensure you have the best student experience. Our aim is to make you feel valued and cared for by connecting you to students of the universities so that you can experience the life in the university through their lens!

From luck to an informed decision

University can prove to be a turning part in the lives of many. No longer do you need to rely on 'luck' to achieve your dreams. We help you paint your ideal life and bring you a step closer in making that a reality!

Authentic sources of information

Decision making is a key skill wether in life or business. We help influence your decision by connecting you to the authorities in the industry. Providing official sources solve your queries and making you feel a valued student at the institution.

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eduMates is a platform that aims to add value in students life by providing them the personal support and guidance to make an educated decision that would change the course of their life.

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Amir Malik- BSc Loughborough University

Simran Chibbher- BSc Loughborough University

Suhas Velu- Bsc Birmingham University

Ishita Agarwal- MSc UCL

Aniket Karlekar- MBA Loughborough University

Gopal Jindal- Msc Lancaster University

Stop hoping to get “lucky” and make an informed decision. Design your ideal university life Today!

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