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The Change in the Student Recruitment Process at Universities due to COVID-19

Every other year, endless college students graduate from high college and apply for universities. Here’s the deal, COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of normal life and one of the major areas is the impact it is having on the universities  with a great deal of uncertainty.

The universities need prospective students applying for the class of 2024 or 2025. In order to provide them with clarity and stability in terms of the curriculum, university experience, immigration rules and post-graduation opportunities during this phase of COVID-19 global pandemic. Keep reading to find out the change of COVID-19 on the recruitment process of prospective students in universities and what the future holds for universities in the wake of this crisis.

The Times Higher Education assumes that the number of students will fall in response to the current COVID-19 situation, but recessions tend to mean that people want more education because the alternatives – underemployment or unemployment – are worse, and having more skills can protect you against the economic chill winds. So, a greater proportion of school-leavers than ever before may try to enrol in higher education. However, this is just theoretical – the university will still have to leverage the digital technologies and social media platforms to ensure that domestic as well as international prospective students apply before it’s too late.

The Internet applications have the power to strip down the barrier that used to exist between establishments of universities and the students who might eventually matriculate inside them. Technology will keep coming to be increasingly critical for student recruitment and it’s impacts on prospective student admissions.

According to the Dean Gaidi Faraj of African Leadership University said “COVID-19 has forced all of us to reimagine how we deliver an engaging and holistic learning experience for students. While it presents its challenges, it is also a massive opportunity to break out of old habits and create new, impactful, relevant modes of learning that take advantage of technology and this moment,”.

The significance of digital advertising and marketing for better education cannot be underestimated. While the heads of universities and schools are aware about this reality, they still lag in the back of phrases of maximizing the strategies they must use to live in advance within the game. Higher training digital advertising and marketing has to maintain up with the quick pace of cell telephones and social media evolution inside the current day. An unintended consequence of this pandemic is that high education will become significantly more accessible as universities think about how to move all of their programming online, including counselling, student life, career development, etc.

What kind of support eduMates provides?

EduMates provide advertising that gives universities an opportunity to capitalise and give prospective students a virtual presence of the university campus, research labs, sporting facilities and other amenities during this phase of global pandemic. It is going beyond simply making videos, it entails making videos from a storytelling angle which might be intriguing, honest and more of something the students can relate to.

During the COVID-19 phase, EduMates focuses on the key to raising prospective students’ interest in your university with the aid of making the content material is creating relatable content that triggers emotionally. The content should have a view-friendly, clear video and audio additives. Using this content, EduMates also leverages it on the different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

When prospective students cannot visit the university on open or visit days, it makes it very difficult for them to make a firm choice without even visiting the university once. Therefore, EduMates is sharing all the updates on campus, recording and streaming on the newsfeed that  would give students a first-hand experience of what is taking place at any given time which would help them make a decision.


More importantly, during this current scenario of global pandemic the credibility and reliableness of the information is very crucial.

Here’s the deal, EduMates has a web chat facility with university representatives that can help prospective students gain credible and relatable information with the ease of a quick interaction is a true game-changer.

EduMates also has an electronic mail segmentation which implies creating tailor-made content material for distinctive college students based on their consistent searches, pursuits and other interests.

In this pandemic situation of COVID-19, the prospective students could gain an insight in the university’s experience through the experience shared by current students.

EduMates is against telling people why students should apply for a particular university, instead we focus on why it's going to be far important for students to get the education and also offer a range of different universities to compare and explore across the United Kingdom.

In this COVID-19 situation, EduMates also gets them in touch with the student ambassadors, basically they are key university students in leadership, sports activities or another influential position. 

 In the entire global pandemic, the social media platforms are going to play a vital role in terms of reaching out students. EduMates share the social channels of your wishlist university on the application’s newsfeed to share their unique culture and history, and include current students in the creation of your story, by encouraging student generated posts and interaction. Plus, EduMates share the news about the exciting things that are happening around campus of your wishlist universities via social media is a great way to boost current student engagement and also pique the interest of prospective students and parents who are scoping out your university.

Empathy is the Modern day Student Recruitment Strategy. We can help you reach the students that need you to transform their lives!

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