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In today’s age, Digital Presence is a veritable necessity for any organisation or individual, and through this app, Universities do not only get featured for free, but they are showcased to their targeted audience for absolutely no cost whatsoever. This in itself presents a riveting opportunity.


eduMates offers free of cost visibility to universities who choose to integrate it as part of their system

Form better connections with your prospects

Edumates is a service which is offered to all universities willing to accept it. Not only does it help the University convey their ideas and values to the students, it is an insightful revolution which connects a student on the inside with one who wishes to be so. 

This service creates a bridge between University Ambassadors and Verified users who match the profile that the University is looking for, and vice versa. For it is a platform that helps connect prospects to like-minded students and academia such as career departments, it renders the user with crucial information which would otherwise be impossible to access. It can be thought of as the ‘LinkedIn’ in the Educational sphere.

Be more than FAQ's, automated mails and newsletter

Often, getting in touch with universities for personal queries and questions (which are genuine and inevitable) becomes an ordeal for the student. Students have to rely upon their counsellors to get in touch with the college, make international calls despite of different time zones and write emails, and this can be a time-consuming process which may or may not yield proper information for the student. Our service also takes care of this problem. Universities directly contact the student through their elected Ambassadors and make connections on a personal level. This renders that truthful humane touch to the university’s communication that the General and/or automated Emails, Newsletters and Brochures just don’t entail. 

The students need the right information, condensed and organised

A University’s presence on such an app is of paramount importance to a student. To any student, it means that this University is just a message away! To any prospective applicant, it acts as a sense of reassurance, and it helps them think with guidance and acumen. And with your partnership with us, it certainly shows that you care about reaching out to students through sophisticated digital platforms and profiles, making you look premium in the eyes of the student world. 

The internet is filled with information provided by many claiming to be experts, often muddled with personal agendas. As a student, it’s hard to find the precise information through all the noise, and make an educated decision without feeling unsure. Many students do not trust their career counsellors to get in touch with universities. Having the university just a text away will be no short of a blessing to every prospective student out there working on their applications. The information delivered by official representative will add the most value to a prospect’s decision.

Through Edumates, ambassadors can post about various events, blogs, university related information and updates to all the students who have bookmarked your university to favourites. 

Virtual Experience

One of the most fundamental aspect of finalising an university is University Tours. But with the current situation where it has almost become impossible to conduct such tours, it is extremely important for universities to provide virtual tours that are as true as possible to the real ones.


Subsumed into this particular advantage is another - Advertising conducted by us. Edumates will have its own marketing campaigns and we will market Universities to prospective students based on their personal preferences and profiles. In some ways, it’s like the Firm doing your marketing for you - presenting you the targeted audience on one platform, marketing your university particularly and connecting your audience to you - with absolutely no cost attached. 

This ultimately translates to better leads and conversions for the universities, for students will know the university better. Provided that you accept and integrate this app into the University, the likelihood of both; students approaching you and then these students ultimately choosing you is increased tremendously. This app helps you get ahead of the curve without having to pay anything.

Help your students be sure about their choice

Interacting with students on a human level, University Ambassadors can help users understand the life of a student inside the university. The various socio-cultural intricacies of a college, the stringency and quality of a particular course or something so basic such as the weather temperaments and food availabilities - every bit of information helps students navigate through the big ‘College-Decision’ smoothly. It constructs a level of trust in the hearts of applicants and helps students identify what they really desire from the university.  If nothing else, knowing that you university helped you with something so trivial, yet so important instils confidence among students that the university is going to be there for them, and as a student, that matters the most.

Put your best foot forth

Just as this is a free-of-cost marketing service to the Universities as it provides them with free digital space and connects them to direct audience, it also helps the University capitalize on its selling points. The University can lay emphasis on areas that it excels at, and use these to attract the right prospects, right away. Anything from a course to a sport, or even its culture, if a University outvies the others in any aspect, it can let the students know through direct communication – An official student representative of the university sharing their personal anecdotes is going to outweigh an email listing the data of the university’s achievements.

Culture attracts people. Show off what it means to be a student of your university and a part of the family. Make your prospects feel that they can resonate with your culture. As a student, feeling that you belong somewhere is leaps greater than any rankings. Having official representative share relevant and personalised experiences can help convert prospects. 

At eduMates, we strive to revolutionize the university admission systems. We believe that there is a better way. We not only want to help students choose the best university for them, but want to help the universities can get in touch with exactly the kind of students they seek for. Come, be a part of this movement.

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eduMates is a platform that aims to add value in students life by providing them the personal support and guidance to make an educated decision that would change the course of their life.

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